7 Top Tips On Writing Your Awards Entry

You’ve entered your company in the latest recruitment awards but now you have to complete the entry forms. Completing your awards entry needn’t be arduous and is often the perfect way to get under the skin of your organisation, a practice easily forgotten but one that can lead to renewed business focus and increased revenues.

So, whilst compiling your awards entry, consider these 7 useful tips:

  1. Plan ahead

    Look at your calendar and work out when you will realistically be able to commit the time your entry deserves. Generally, Fridays tend to be the clearest for most of us and you can then use the weekend to switch off, before copywriting, editing and submitting on the Monday. But DON’T leave it until the last minute..!

  1. Prioritise

    If you are entering more than five categories, you’re probably entering too many. Focus on the areas you genuinely excel at.  This might sound obvious but it is better to concentrate on fewer, excellent submissions than it is to scatter-bomb your approach to lots.

  1. Think statistics

    Instead of submitting subjective information about how wonderful you are, it’s always best to support your claims with some tangible stats.  Judges absolutely love these. Examples of relevant statistics include revenue figures; ROI from a marketing campaign; new clients won; candidate engagement levels; fill-rate percentage etc.

  1. Testimonials

    Contrary to popular belief, judges have no interest at all in reading reams of similar-sounding ‘testimonials’ from equally-similar-sounding candidates or clients. Instead, why not create a place on your website where the most pertinent referrals can be viewed?  Alternatively, you could collect referrals on your LinkedIn Company Page and link back to that.

  1. Think creatively

    This doesn’t mean drawing pictures or being a whizz with some design programme, it’s simply to suggest that thinking outside the box with the information you either detail or link back to, can set your entry aside from the rest.

  1. Link-back

    You are deliberately provided with suggested ‘content space’ for your entry; this is to help ensure you remain on point and keep superfluous information to a minimum. However, the judges appreciate you have a lot to shout about, so a good idea is to link back to places of reference.  For example: your website, social media channels, examples of marketing campaigns or websites with articles written by or about you etc.

  1. Use bullet-points

    Psychologically, there is something about reading bullet-pointed content that makes us stand up and take notice. Plus, the more concise – and so on-point – the information, the better your entry will be.  And the judges will love you for that!

We hope that’s been useful and look forward to receiving your entry… and hopefully seeing you as a finalist at the awards evening in November!

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