9 Ways To Make The Most Out Of In-House Recruitment Events

The power of the event in business is often overlooked. Understandably, it’s a busy world that we live in, and for many people, it can cost time and money to take mornings and sometimes whole days, out of their busy schedules to attend business events. However, we are here to tell you why these events are so important and how you can make the most out of them:

1. You get to learn lots of STUFF

Probably a slightly obvious one, but events are a great place to acquire new intelligence. In the world of In-house recruitment, articles on the way that your counterparts are creating and implementing their recruitment strategies are hardly top news on Google. You need to search for it online. Events however, are great places to gain insight, share tribulations and offer solutions. Who better to pluck ideas from than your industry peers?

2. Discover Suppliers

Events for In-house recruiters are often sponsored by key media suppliers to the industry, such as job boards and databases. It is a great place to connect with people from these businesses in order to gain a greater understanding of what they can actually do to make your life EASIER.

3. Round-table Networking

Events which include some form of loosely structured, round-table discussion are an absolute must! This is a vital interval in which you can make some solid connections with colleagues in other businesses, as well as share your opinions, thoughts and difficulties with each other. All businesses operate differently depending on industry, size, structure and culture, meaning that they all face their own distinctive problems in the area of recruitment. Despite this, the same issues are at the heart of the problem, so even if you work in banking and you’re talking to someone in retail, you’ll be surprised at what insight or ideas you can take away.

4. Confidence

The opportunity to communicate with likeminded individuals in an intimate environment, coupled with the chance to contribute your own, personal, industry insights is a complete confidence booster! You should come out of that event feeling empowered. It all comes down to autonomy, mastery and purpose. Taking the initiative to attend the event, knowing your stuff and feeling part of something bigger are key indicators for overall satisfaction.

5. Be Selective

You can’t attend every event. It would be counterproductive. Work out how many events are realistic for you to attend per year based on time and cost before you start hunting. As an in-house recruiter, you are likely to be part of existing online networks, in which case you won’t have to look far. Search for events based on their key speakers firstly. Who do you want to hear from? Then look at the sponsors – are they suppliers that could be useful to you? In some cases, events even have a list of existing delegates, so think about who you would benefit from speaking with and work from there.

6. Get Current

Events are a great place to get up to date on current trends where in-house recruiters are concerned. If you get a chance to attend an event where in-house recruiters are sharing a case study, especially an award-winning one, you should be signing yourself up immediately! Where else are you going to get such up-to-date information?! Team this with some round tables and peer-to-peer sharing and you are guaranteed to leave the event with a brain full of implementable ideas and strategies.

7. Scout the competition

We are all friends here! But sometimes it is very educational to discover what your competition is doing to source talent which you are not. What are they doing to attract the first rate candidates that you are struggling with? Pay attention and absorb as much as you can. There is always someone somewhere who is doing something better than you are. Equally, there are people who struggle in areas where you are strong, so offer your advice.

8. Recruitment

Looking for a new bright spark to join your in-house recruitment team? Events are a great place to discover new talent and build a subtle pipeline of potential future hires. Connect with your fellow delegates at the event and try as much as possible to remain engaged with them. LinkedIn is great for this. They could come in very useful in the future and it will delight the boss by making their job much easier!

9. Have fun!

Events for business can actually be really good fun. Speakers are there to deliver an engaging presentation, so if you’re lucky you should get a bit of a giggle. Usually funnier when it is based around aspects of the role you do. Kind of like a huge in-joke! You might even come away with a freebie or two. Everyone loves a freebie!


If you’re an In-house recruiter and you’re interested in learning and developing your skills with the help of some of the best in the industry, check out the hugely successful ‘Conversation’ In-house Recruitment Conference, which will be visiting Manchester on the 9th September 2015.

Find full details about this event and the great line-up of speakers on the day when you read more here.

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