Enhancing the Candidate Journey Using Automation – A Round-Up

Over the next 3 years, 79% of in-house recruiters expect their delivery targets to increase, but their budgets to remain the same or even drop*. As candidate experience is setting an increasingly high bar, how can recruiters improve their efficiencies without compromising engagement when hiring in higher volumes?

This breakfast event, held in partnership with WCN and LaunchPad, explored how automation can enhance the candidate experience. By replacing repetitive manual processes like screenings and assessments, automated tools can apply machine learning to generate objective, consistent and reliable decisions.

Our audience had the opportunity to hear how successful recruitment teams at M&S and FDM apply automation at different stages in their recruitment process, allocating more time for human interaction in areas where they found candidate experience could benefit more from it.

But while automation enables us to make data-driven, unbiased decisions and streamline the candidate journey, getting the human versus technology balance right is key for a positive experience.

Check out our post-event whitepaper for a more detailed overview of what was discussed on the day.

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Who Spoke

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Will Hamilton


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Kelvin Thomas

Account Manager

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Jeff Lovejoy

 Europe & NA Recruitment Manager

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Event Partner

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