Candidates – The Forgotten Stakeholder in a Fast-Changing World

How do we get candidates from point A(pplication) through to O(ffer) as quickly as possible, without blowing the budget? How do we create a process that is so impressive we will be at the vanguard of early talent recruitment for years to come?

In the last five years we have seen a lot of change within the early talent recruitment space. Video interviews, gamification, neuroscientific testing and artificial intelligence are just a few of the interventions that are changing the way recruitment is done.

Yet with all of this innovation occurring in our market place, something occurred to me. Every time we take one giant leap for recruitment-kind, do we ever actually communicate this to the one stakeholder that really matters? And no, I don’t mean your board members or your hiring managers who you had to convince to get the money for the innovative process in the first place. I mean the candidates who will be the ones most impacted by these changes. To add to this, now that your recruitment process is fully automated, when does a candidate first speak to someone from your organisation? At your assessment centre nine weeks after they have applied? And are you still expecting all of them to be fully engaged by this point?

Our In-house Recruitment Early Careers Conference partners at TARGETrecruit have recently conducted a survey of 1,099 students to find out just how engaged they really are with recruiters when applying for their first jobs.

What they found might come as a surprise!

As automated processes, video interviews and smarter selection tools have given us back some of that precious time we so desperately needed, it’s vital that we make the most of it. Find out TARGETrecruit’s survey results at the link below and check out some of their tips on how to maximise your time to re-engage with the younger audience:

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