Harnessing the Power of Technology in Executive Search – A Round-Up

The dramatic rise of technology over the last decade has enabled talent acquisition experts to approach their work in increasingly transformative ways. From reducing costs to driving candidate experience, technology allows for more visibility and efficiency in our processes.

In 2017, the global HR and recruitment technology spend was of £30 billion. But executive search remains the area that has seen the least amount of innovation from such tech. During our breakfast event, in partnership with Winter Circle, we looked at how we can apply automation to modernise executive search strategies.

We heard two case studies from Jon Ridout, Head of Executive Search at BT, and Alexa Bailey, International Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Visa, on the tools and tech that support their functions, while Adam White, COO and Co-founder of Winter Circle, shared some insights from a recent study they conducted into in-house executive search trends.

To find out more about what was discussed on the day, check out our post-event whitepaper below.

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Who Spoke

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Jon Ridout,

Head of Executive Search

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Alexa Bailey, 

International Executive TA Lead

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Adam White,

Co-founder & COO

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Event Partner

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