Failing Diversity Initiatives: Only 25% of Employees Feel Like They’ve Benefitted, and We Can Tell You Why

Something of a diversity and inclusion revolution is blossoming within HR and recruitment spaces. Talent Attraction (TA) and Employer Branding (EB) conferences worldwide extol the virtues of diversity initiatives. Yet, they fail to deliver; diverse candidates from the widest pools remain an untapped source of talent that will ultimately cost companies their bottom line.

Did you know that despite nearly 100% of companies opting to deliver diversity programmes, only 25% of employees of diverse groups believe that they had benefited? This disconnect between what companies believe and what is achieved has resulted in an increasingly cynical pool of diverse candidates. Stock photo tokenism masquerading as indicators of commitment to diversity is simply unacceptable. Diverse candidates can see past this façade and are hungry for real and dynamic examples of your diversity efforts.

PathMotion has teamed up with Talent Board to take a deep dive into exactly what candidates want to know. We have also determined exactly where and why companies consistently lose out on valuable candidates from diverse groups. And the answers won’t fail to surprise you.

Why Diversity and Inclusion Should Matter to You

Diversity recruitment is undoubtedly essential. Organisations perform better with increased workforce diversity. Those in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to report financial returns above the national industry median. A more obvious business case for diversity is acquiring both customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. Diversity efforts accelerate decision-making outputs too, rivalling those of experts. Cumulatively, companies organically boost their employer brand and investment returns. With that said,  TA and EB leaders also acknowledge they can do better – out of 200 surveyed, 85% believe diversity recruitment at their organisations can be improved.

Was It Something You Said?

Where then, are companies failing to successfully target diverse candidates? Our survey of 200 TA & EB leaders revealed 85% believe they lose candidates after they visit their website but before they apply.  Surprised? The careers website is an artificial mouthpiece; so, it stands to reason that the content on there is failing to address something.  To determine what that something is, we analysed 25,000 diversity-specific questions candidates recently asked companies on the PathMotion platform. We found that diverse candidates are asking granular questions, which broadly fit into 3 categories depending on the diverse group in question: eligibility, fit and work environment. The devil is in the details!

We also found that 60% of 1,000 global candidates select the careers site as their primary source of employer information. Unfortunately, they are poor sources of answers to group-specific queries. As such, companies consistently fall short of delivering successful diversity initiatives. Frustratingly, other key touchpoints (social media pages and in-person events) are also failing to say the right thing. The question now: what can companies do to fix this?

Leverage and Scale What You Have to Push Diversity Hire Over the Finish Line

Finding the best-practice for communication of genuine commitment to diversity appears to be impossible. However, the cause is not lost! Our proprietary research offers three clear solutions. Companies must:

  1.   Provide specific answers.
  2.   Leverage the power of storytelling.
  3.   Practice scalable advocacy by exposing your diverse workforce to enable real-time, always-on exchanges.

Rest assured that it is wholly possible to maximise the impact of existing diversity initiatives. Download our eBook now to learn how to optimise the efforts of your diversity recruitment initiatives.

Ultimately, stock photo models splashed across company sites simply do nothing to answer the granular questions that diverse candidates need answers to.

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