Fast Growth Recruitment: Mastering High Demand Delivery Without Compromising Quality – A Round-Up

Fast business growth can be a shock both to your recruitment efforts and to your employees’ wellbeing. Suddenly you are faced with the challenge of acquiring more talent faster, while at the same time ensuring your team does not feel threatened by the sudden internal changes.

Keeping all employees happy and engaged in a high-demand environment has been the focus of this breakfast, held in partnership with Hiring Hub. Gautam Sahgal, COO of one the UK’s fastest growing startups, Perkbox, highlighted the importance of reinforcing your company’s core values in your recruitment, to attract a culturally-fit talent pool. A “zero fear” communication policy, Gautam added, is necessary for your employees to feel safe to share their thoughts with you and feel valued within the workplace.

Our second speaker, Jess Hayes, Head of Talent at award-winning innovative publisher Wonderbly, recommended some invaluable online tools and key metrics needed for every step of the acquisition process, for optimal efficiency.

Attendees then had the opportunity to find inspiration from their peers as they explored their challenges and personal successes more in-depth at our two roundtable discussions.

Check out our post-event whitepaper for a more detailed look at what was discussed on the day.

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Who Spoke

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Gautam Sahgal, COO

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Jessica Hayes, Head of People & Talent

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Simon Swan, Founder and CEO

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Event Partner

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