‘How To Transform Your In-house Recruitment Culture’ – A Round-Up

‘How To Transform Your In-house Recruitment Culture’ was an In-house Recruitment Network breakfast held in London, in May 2016 in partnership with Hireserve.

This breakfast event saw 30 in-house recruitment professionals from a variety of industries, come together for a morning dedicated to the transformation of in-house recruitment culture and how to implement changes in their process in order to facilitate this change. Among the delicious breakfast spread and free-flowing coffees, this event provided an enjoyable and appropriate platform for our in-house recruiters to share their challenges and successes in editing and modifying their process within the business. By the sound of all the noise, there was plenty to discuss!


31a5957Our first special guest speaker for the morning was Nicky Bizzell, former Head of Resourcing at Eversheds who shared a critical insight into her time at Eversheds and how she managed to overhaul the recruitment function to give it more structure and more credibility within the organisation. Nicky now works as a corporate resourcing specialist experienced in aligning resourcing strategy to business drivers. Following management positions at Eversheds, AXA, ESAB and Sainsburys Nicky provides independent consultancy services to companies looking to maximise the effectiveness of their in-house function. As well as strategy development and change management, Nicky provides advice and coaching for Heads of Resourcing, identifying and solving some of the biggest issues they face in their roles.

Click below for Nicky’s full presentation:


nicky bizzel front pagr


05daf95Our second special guest speaker was Jeremy Ovenden, Managing Director at Hireserve which provides online applicant tracking recruitment solutions for a variety of multinational, small and medium sized enterprises and not-for-profit organisations across the UK and Europe. Running Hireserve for almost 20 years, Jeremy kicked off the second half of the morning by discussing how technology can hugely benefit the recruitment process and offered his advice from the experiences he has had during Hireserve’s extremely successful lifetime. Prior to discovering the Hireserve ATS, Jeremy worked at Oracle in IT, so there was no better person to discuss the game-changer that is recruitment technology.


Click below for Jeremy’s full presentation:


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During the interactive roundtables, we discussed the following questions:

  • How would you describe your In-house recruitment culture?
  • What are the key changes you would like to make and what do you hope to achieve in the short medium and long term?
  • How can you go about making the changes? What are the first steps? Get help and advice from your peers?
  • Describe how technology is helping or hindering your recruitment culture. What do you want to change and why?
  • What areas of your culture are working well and why? Share any tips or pointers about how you achieved this.
  • What 3 points are you going to take away from this event and how are you going to put them into effect?

We would like to say a huge thank you to Hireserve for partnering with us in this event:



As a follow-up to this hugely successful breakfast, we have created a whitepaper in conjunction with Hireserve to give you all the hints and tips you need to transform your in-house recruitment culture. Click on the image below to view:

How To Transform Your In-house Recruitment Culture featured image

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