In-house Recruiters – You Have Been Warned. Again!

nowhere to hide


Over the last 5 years, maybe longer, marketers have had to fight hard for every view, click, conversion and order. Every. Single. One. Yes, many have fallen by the wayside as they have had nowhere to hide. No new leads, nowhere to hide. You’re fired! Simple really! But this has made them better digital marketers and now the market is getting better they are really kicking ass.

And that’s why in-house recruiters are going to get kicked even harder.

Peter GoldOver the last 5 years, maybe longer, in-house recruiters have not had to fight hard for applications. Yes, they’ve still struggled to get the right quality over quantity but it’s been more of a sifting job than a sourcing job; so most have managed to get away with being mediocre as there have been many places to hide. This has made them good CV sifters but poor recruiters and now we are in a candidate-led market they are going to get kicked hard by the Line Manager and even harder by the external agencies.

The problem is a real double whammy. First off, the great marketers don’t need to be quite as good anymore as there is plenty of demand, but because they have honed their skills in a tough market, now the good times have returned, they will convert more people more easily, which will mean more new sales than ever before , creating an even greater demand for people.

The increased demand for people will be across most markets, so the availability of candidates will further reduce, making it even harder to recruit. And because in-house are not that great at the digital marketing aspect of recruitment OR the sourcing aspect (having a LinkedIn Recruiter Licence is not the sourcing silver bullet BTW) they will struggle to find and/or convert enough of the right people. Less traffic/poor conversions = very poor results: #fail

Why do I think this is the case?

Because I’ve seen in-house recruiters ignore the advice from me and many others about building their digital skills – about creating dedicated recruitment marketing capabilities; about looking long-term towards knowing their target markets; about using social to understand how to tap into a market. So they’ve been warned but, like teenagers, they know best!

Well maybe they don’t and now’s the time they will come of age – time to feel the pain and learn the hard way. I’ve been there, on both sides, in both markets: as a recruiter, as a marketer. The writing is on the wall for all to see. Leave your BS on Facebook people because 2015 is when it starts to get really hot out there and only the best will survive.

Agency or in-house? I wonder who the Line Manager will go to first? I know where my money is.

Like I said, you have been warned more than once but this time it really will hurt.

Nowhere to hide.

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  • Great post! Thanks for sharing

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    Jacob Sten Madsen
    February 5, 2015 10:15 am

    For a start Peter Gold is someone who knows what he is talking about, his insight and reports are well researched and he is someone thoroughly with finger in the pulse of what going on out there. What he refers to therefore has foundation in many of his past findings and as such are not just a rant without basis. Let’s be honest and clear about state of the nation. Approximately 25% at best of corporates have their act together! have policies in place, structures established and what else required to have a reasonable chance in the ‘race for talent’ Another 25% or thereabout of the market have worked up and are in some way partially or fully addressing the subjects, or have started process that will enable them to be better suited for the future and in attracting talent? However as I have reported and written about £18bn. or a figure that is of significant substance is wasted in roles not filled and through companies and organisations totally ignoring or being aware of what is required to get best possible people. So for 50% of the market this is a warning absolutely necessary, one that mean that either you get your stuff together or you will loose out? There is a very significant amount of ‘wilful ignorance’ about subjects like these,someone has to call it out and hat off to Peter. Gold for doing exactly that.

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