In-house Recruitment LIVE! Speaker Q&A – Part 5

With In-house Recruitment LIVE! taking place is just two weeks time, we bring you the fifth and final instalment of our exclusive speaker Q&A interview.

Sean Howard, General Manager Talent Acquisition Products, Korn Ferry Hay Group, Eunice Clements-Tweedie, Director of Talent, Kerry Foods and Lawrence Hardy, Head of Product for StepStoneUK sat down with us and shared what they’re most looking forward to at the event and some of the key trends they expect to be covered.

This year’s event promises to inspire the In-house Recruitment community through a phenomenal line-up of the industry’s finest speakers paired with a knock out conference agenda so make sure you register today before it’s too late!

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Q1. What does it mean to be a part of the In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017 speaker line-up?

Sean: Hiring the right talent can improve your business results, so getting it right is important. Forums like In-house Recruitment where professionals in the talent acquisition community can share their experiences, feedback to providers about what will help them, and what they like and don’t like are valuable.

Eunice: I’m humbled to be able to join my fellow Talent colleagues at this event, what a line up!

I was a speaker at the earlier event in the year sharing our journey around our EVP – I can’t wait to continue the dialogue of that with the almost finished product! It was also brilliant to be able to connect with like-minded folks, who all have a passion for Talent in different ways, share some common sticky problems and chew through these and broaden your network too.

Also, I think it’s vital to get out and about as much as you can to bring the outside back into work, ensure that you have space to think and develop ideas.

Lawrence: It’s fantastic opportunity to share our learnings with interested and like-minded industry enthusiasts.

Q2. What are you most looking forward to sharing with your peers from your presentation? Can you give us any teaser stats, facts or insight?

Sean: Korn Ferry carried out detailed research in 2016 to understand why candidates choose companies. We will share the number one reason, which isn’t benefits and package, as it was five years ago! The research gathered input from over 1100 VP/SVP/EVP, C-suite, director, manager and individual contributors, across technology, industrial, life sciences and pharmaceutical,
financial, professional services and consumer companies.

Eunice: I’m passionate about helping organisations unlock their true employer brand power, in a simple and engaging way that dials up who they are and represents their values and purpose as a business. After all and employer brand is really a “People Brand” – all business have this, some just choose not to harness it. So hopefully I can share some tips on the day and encourage others who may feel it’s all too difficult to tackle – to really have a go. work for a food company and we still have managed to get Broccoli, Garlic, Milk and Ham into our Employer Brand in a sensational way!

Lawrence: You’ll have to come along to find out!

“After all and employer brand is really a “People Brand” – all business have this, some just choose not to harness it”

Q3. How has the shape of recruitment transformed over the past few years? What’s caused this shift away from conventional recruitment strategies and processes?

Sean: The focus on the candidate centric assessment experience has forced major changes within the industry and forced a drive for companies like ours to help and facilitate this.

Eunice: Technology has really enabled organisations to evolve and shift their sourcing and attraction strategy far more quickly than in recent years, using social media not only for brand engagement but to be actively promote roles quickly and drive connections when pipelining talent. Whilst candidates demands have increased in their expectations of organisations in terms of the experience they receive and the choice and pace with which they operate when searching for opportunities which are plentiful given that unemployment rates are at their lowest since the mid 70’s.

Lawrence: If you ask anyone, they want quality over quantity. But it’s only very recently that that sentiment has been backed by action.

Q4. What do you regard as industry success? What types of stories inspire you?

Sean: The goal for recruitment strategies and processes is to have a clear and demonstrable impact on business results. We judge our own success by our clients commercial results – and the better these are, the more I’m inspired.

Eunice: It’s the authenticity of people that inspire me through their storytelling and those whom have energised me most – are the people who have tried and failed but kept on just going through tenacity, grit and belief. Richard Branson is a classic. I was lucky enough to work for Virgin Media back in early 2000 and the office was full of Virgin Cola and on the odd occasion – Virgin Vodka. The office was located in Leicester Square and at lunchtime we would trip along to the huge Virgin Megastore around the corner near Piccadilly.

Those brands are no obsolete but it didn’t stop Richard Branson, who left school at 16 – becoming the phenomenal success that he is today with plans in play to visit the Moon at some point. Who would have thought!

Lawrence: People finding work through us. I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few.

“The focus on the candidate centric assessment experience has forced major changes within the industry”

Q5. What do you think is the next big thing in Recruitment?

Sean: Technology and AI is already impacting recruitment. Assessments can be easily customised according to individual job requirements, and at scale, cost effectively. Technology is also enabling us to create more enjoyable assessment experiences.

Eunice: We live in a world, seeped in digitalisation and a high consumption for this. But the side effect to this is that a ton of data is produced.
I’m not sure this is around the corner – however Artificial Intelligence is fascinating I think and could revolutionise the way Talent Acquisition is potentially done in the future.

Just think – by 2020 its estimated that globally $50Bn will be spent on data that drives personal recommendations from the way we shop, what we should eat and many other lifestyle choices.

The spill over effect into talent is happening already with sophisticated algorithms around candidates being matched to jobs (think LinkedIn) and so forth…

But think about how we search for talent – then how we sift this talent to make informed choices? The former requires data and technology and currently the later relies on human intervention around decision making. Which then allows Talent Teams to focus on high value based net activity, rather than diluted activity spread thinly across all areas of the acquisition lifecycle. Scale could be leveraged fast, bias could be squashed, cultural fit enhanced….the possibilities are endless.

Beyond 2020 the likelihood in reality that we won’t need human intervention to even make those hiring divisions – data and technology will do that for us. Then we will all be out of a job!

Lawrence: That would be telling. But’s it’s on our road-map!

“Beyond 2020 the likelihood in reality that we won’t need human intervention to even make those hiring divisions – data and technology will do that for us”

Q6. What advice would you give to anyone deciding whether or not to come along to LIVE! 2017?

Sean: It’s good to keep up to date with the latest developments in recruitment, to ensure you are putting yourself in the best position to attract the talent you need. It’s also a great opportunity to network with peers.

Eunice: If you have a role in Talent or Internal Recruitment – Just come along… You won’t be disappointed!

Lawrence: Recruitment is about connections and you can’t make connection if you’re not in the room.

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