In-house Recruitment LIVE! – Why you can’t afford to miss it!

With the excitement around In-house Recruitment LIVE! growing more and more by the day, we wanted to catch up with some of this year’s speakers to find out what they’re most looking forward to at the event and why you can’t afford to miss it! Read the full interview below which is the first installment of our In-house Recruitment LIVE! Speaker Q&A.

Rachel Rojas, Head of Resourcing, GAUCHO Restaurants is talking on “Attraction and Chemistry: The Magic Formula” and Mark Stephens, CEO & Founder, Smart Recruit Online will be presenting “How to generate more direct applications using an online strategy”.

This year’s event promises to inspire the In-house Recruitment community through a phenomenal line-up of the industry’s finest speakers paired with a knock out conference agenda!

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Q1. What does it mean to be a part of the In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017 speaker line-up?

Rachel: It’s a great honour!

Mark: It’s always great to share latest insights into what’s currently working best for us at these types of events!

Q2. What are you most looking forward to sharing with your peers from your presentation? Can you give us any teaser stats, facts or insight?

Rachel: The culture of a company is becoming more and more important for attraction and retention. Authenticity of culture breeds engagement and engagement breeds authenticity of culture – one cannot exist without the other, so sharing culture with candidates early on is key!

Mark: I’ll be covering a list of 10 genuine statistics, derived from many years of research that when glued together as part of your overall approach, will form the foundation of a successful online recruitment strategy!

Q3. How has the shape of recruitment transformed over the past few years? What’s caused this shift away from conventional recruitment strategies and processes?

Rachel: Recruitment (in hospitality specifically – I can only speak for hospitality!) has become increasingly competitive. As a company you have to stand out, you cannot be complacent about your employees and hope that they will stay. Employer branding is critical to your success and you have to be forward-thinking and open minded about the way that you will share the stories of who you are and the successes of loyal employees.

Much more sourcing can be done with in-house teams thanks to technology and we are able to put in strategies for recruitment that tie in sourcing as well as attraction.

Mark: The ongoing fragmentation of the recruitment landscape with hundreds of tools and services available, is at last coming together within a new breed of cloud based, intelligent recruitment platforms that make recruitment easier, quicker, more effective and are improving the experience for both the recruiter and the candidate.

Outcomes are measurably improving too for many companies that are using these systems as the centrepiece to their recruitment activities.

“Authenticity of culture breeds engagement and engagement breeds authenticity of culture”

Q4. What do you regard as industry success? What types of stories inspire you?

Rachel: Success to me is when candidates come to you. That spells out success in many areas of the business. If candidates approach you to work, it is not only cost-effective but you have a continual pipe line to work with and urgent situations do not compromise your business.

Mark: We have reduced recruitment costs for over 500 UK Based companies by more than 50%!

Q5. What do you think is the next big thing in Recruitment?

Rachel: I think video will continue to develop into a normal part of the recruiting process.

Mark: Programmatic recruiting has been around for a while, but it is yet to dominate the market. In the next 5 years all recruiting channels and job boards will offer the PPC model.

“In the next 5 years all recruiting channels and job boards will offer the PPC model”

Q6. What advice would you give to anyone deciding whether or not to come along to LIVE! 2017?

Rachel: There is endless inspiration to be had, especially from those in other sectors who will have a completely different approach and perspective from your own but from which you can learn a lot.

Mark: Come along with an open mind to find new and innovative ways to solve your biggest challenges and to meet your company objectives.

Rachel’s presentation will focus on ‘Attraction and Chemistry: The Magic Formula’ full details can be found here.

Mark will be presenting on ‘How to generate more direct applications using an online strategy.’ You can find out more information about the session and Mark’s full profile here.

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