London Conference Q&A With David Yates, Grant Thornton

David Yates, Resourcing Team Manager at Grant Thornton, a featured speaker at our London Conversation, joined us to discuss Grant Thornton’s candidate experience approach and what makes it so unique.

David will be presenting on “The four C’s of the Grant Thornton candidate experience” so get a sneak peek below!

Find out more about the London Conversation here: Tickets & Agenda

Q: How are Grant Thornton advancing candidate experience?

A: At every touch point we’ve ensured all our candidates receive a standout personal experience. Moving away from the bulk recruitment norm of ‘selling and sifting’ to a culture whereby we nurture every candidate, give them an amazing experience and create brand advocates – including candidates who are unsuccessful. It’s done through a series of interventions: candidate coaching, digital assessment technology, application buddies and online candidate communities

Q: What makes your approach unique in the industry?

We know that we have a lot of competition for top talent from other large professional services organisations and beyond. We choose to invest in those who have invested in us and have candidate experience as our key point of differentiation in a noisy marketplace. We’re down to earth, inclusive and personable. We’re supportive and pride ourselves on how we unlock potential for talent. Our firm’s vision is to create a vibrant economy where business and people can succeed and grow. We want to create a vibrant talent environment where all our candidates can grow and succeed in finding the right opportunity for them.

Q: What are your top 5 tips for a winning candidate experience?

1)     Think about coaching – we’re committed to unlocking potential for talent. We want all our candidates to achieve their full potential and to be set up for success in our process and others in which they’re being progressed

2)     Candidate communities – these have a focus on collaboration and transparency. Being peer to peer driven means they’re naturally down to earth and friendly. Support underpins the whole community and it is ultimately a network and information hub to truly set all candidates up for success. We’re proud of the fact that some of our most glowing feedback in the community is from candidates who haven’t received a job offer from us.

3)     Treat your candidates in a way that is personable, supportive and down to earth – ultimately its enabled us to hit ever growing targets year on year. By providing a great experience we not only hit our hiring targets but we hire people who are advocates of our brand, who join the firm already feeling a connection with who we are and what we stand for and who already have started to build their professional networks with us.

4)     Personal feedback – All candidates who are unsuccessful at digital assessment or final round assessment day are given personal, direct feedback over the phone to explain what they did well and what they could focus on to do better next time.

5)     Utilise your strengths – we use our passionate colleagues to talent spot and engage with young people. We also use our interns as campus community managers around the country They are working for us, actively spotting talent

For full details of David’s ‘The four C’s of the Grant Thornton candidate experience‘ presentation and for details of our full agenda, click here.

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