[VIDEO] Quick-Fire Chats with IBM: AI – Recruitment Reinvention or Just Hype?

It’s an incredibly exciting time to work in recruitment right now! While the growing impact of AI and automation on talent demands cannot be denied, we also need to acknowledge the vast opportunities these innovations can bring to our day-to-day processes. But the question is… are we ready?

Simon Clements, Client Solutions Lead and Georgiana Chiper, Senior Consultant at IBM Talent & Engagement will join the Recruitment Technology Conference on 7th February 2019 to share some very exciting findings on how global recruitment leaders use AI to reinvent their functions.

We sat down with Simon and Georgiana ahead of their talk to find out more about the market readiness for AI and robotics and how we can best embrace this wave of change. To hear the full story, make sure you don’t miss their talk “AI & Robotics: TA Reinvention or Hype?” at the conference.

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