Quick-Fire Chats with Three: How Leaders Hire into Leadership

Who doesn’t dream about the day when they can finally wave good-bye to search firms and deliver all talent in-house, potentially saving their organisations millions in agency fees?

In an ideal world, time and budget constraints would be a distant memory for in-house teams, enabling them to allocate the right internal resource to even the hardest-to-fill roles. For Lesa Molinari, this is a reality. We caught up with Lesa ahead of her talk at the London In-house Recruitment Conference on 21 March.

In May 2017 Lesa was brought in to head the Executive Resourcing team at Three Mobile to help drive organisational change and align the company to its 2021 goal of becoming the most loved brand by customers and employees alike.

Lesa leads a team of seven constantly on the lookout for exceptional talent to hire into leadership roles at Three. “Before I came on board, there was no in-house function designated for executive hires and around 40% of roles were delivered by search firms. Since I started working at Three, there hasn’t been one executive role that I had to outsource.”

But direct sourcing was not the only success to come out of Lesa’s first year at Three. “We implemented an executive resourcing model that saved us up to £1.25 million in costs that would have otherwise gone to search firms,” she says.

“We’re looking for the very best people to join us. People who share our passion, our pioneering spirit and our focus on customer obsession.” Lesa’s early accomplishments have helped raise Three’s employer brand and generate stakeholder credibility in the capabilities of the new executive resourcing team. Her continued work to develop a proactive recruitment strategy has not only delivered 100% of headcount requirements but also drove employee diversity and inclusion further.

Lesa will share her story with us at the London In-house Recruitment Conference on 21 March. “During my talk, I will also share the inspiring story of Colin, our Head of Finance for Pay As You Go. His journey across our business truly reflects how inclusion is at the heart of our senior hiring.”

Lisa’s experience is a true testament to the value a good executive recruiter can bring to an organisation’s road to greatness. She will address the common challenges of senior hiring and draw examples from Three’s journey on its new Executive Resourcing model to help hire into leadership.

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Lisa spoke about “Executive Recruitment Challenges and How to Address Them” at the London In-house Recruitment Conference on 21 March 2018.

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