Recruitment Leaders Conference – Dean Sadler – Q&A

Dean Sadler, CEO at TribePad, answers our audience’s most burning questions following his talk at our 2019 Recruitment Leaders Conference.

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With the advancement of tech and information we have access to is there a danger that unconscious bias will become more of an issue?

Tech (AI / ML etc..) are a set of algorithms that are programmed by a person and fed data by a person.  They can quite possibly input data that will skew the results unconsciously at an earlier stage in the process. Moreover, if they enter bias data or a limited data set that will itself introduce issues.

How do your clients balance the use of technology with the candidate demand for human interaction? e.g video interviews put some candidates off

Leverage the technology to free up time so that you can spend more time on the soft skills.

Video interviews if packaged correctly are a boon for everyone in the loop – as it frees up time and expense for both parties.  But it’s all about introducing it properly and not just throwing it at them

How do you manage to anonymise CVs?

Take out name, address, university and other items that could identify the candidates.

How would you describe the effectiveness of video interviews for technology recruitment eg IT?

Great. It enables “traditionally” non communicative people multiple chances to get their message across. Then they send their answer once they are happy with it.

In terms of the personality bit of your offering, what makes you stand out from the likes of Myers Briggs, Belbin etc in terms of the end result (not the method)?

Nothing apart from the fact that it’s automated and provided back in an easily digested format in plain English with the detail 1 click away.

How do you ensure that video testimonials don’t come across as corporate and scripted?

Don’t script them too much and allow real people (as opposed to actors) tell their story. People love a good story and everyone has one. Be authentic.

How does the ‘disabled’ button work – does the system flag up those candidates who click it?

Yes. If they have intimated that they have a disability then the icon shows to prod the recruiter to ask what, if any, assistance they require.

We use video interviews but Glassdoor feedback says it is a poor candidate experience. How do you ensure a great candidate experience?

  • Explain the process up front.
  • Allow the candidate to have multiple attempts at an answer and not restrict them to 1 take.
  • Provide support in what makes a great video answer (what are you looking for etc.)
  • Provide feedback on their video interview.

You mentioned people can re-do the videos. Does your software take into account all of someone’s videos when correlating the data or only the final video?

We only store the final video so only that one is taken into account.

How far back can you trace the candidate journey to applying? I.e. true source.

Depends on how the client came through the process. If it’s via a VPN or https connection then you can only capture them once they interact with your site and not where they came from

Do you have data to review if candidates are removing themselves from the process due to them not wanting to video themselves?

Yes, our clients have this information and amend their processes accordingly.  We see blue collar and younger audiences interact with it quite favourably. However, older and higher level individuals tend to not want to engage with it as much but again certain sectors are better / worse than others.

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