Quick-Fire Chats with Totaljobs: Finding the Skills to Boost Productivity

Recent research from totaljobs revealed that while 80% of companies expect their workload to increase in 2018, over two thirds of employers are expecting to struggle finding the staff their business needs to succeed.

Raj Lal, Regional Sales Manager at totaljobs, will join us at In-house Recruitment LIVE! Manchester to talk about the UK productivity crisis and how you can hire smarter talent to boost your organisation’s productivity in 2018 and beyond.

Read the our speaker interview with Raj below:


What are you most looking forward to sharing with your peers from your presentation? What are the key takeaways attendees can expect from your presentation?

At totaljobs, we are experts in using advanced technology to match candidates with the right role. But there’s more to what we do. We use our position to conduct research, which pulls the opinions, concerns and challenges of candidates, employees, recruitment consultants and employers from across the whole of the UK.

Using some of our most recent research, I’ll be delving into the UK Skills Shortage, which is reported by two thirds of employers; looking at how these employers are looking to address these issues in 2018 and beyond. Plus, with the UK as a whole struggling with productivity, with one of the lowest GDPs per hour worked in the G7, we have taken a look at how this affects employers on the frontline.

In today’s candidate-driven market, how can employers differentiate themselves from competition?

There’s a range of tactics and tools employers can use to stand out from the crowd, but getting the basics right is key. And this starts with a well-defined employer brand, which is consistent across all jobseeker-facing touchpoints.

Think about your company culture – and sell it! Totaljobs research found that 1 in 3 candidates say that company culture is what attracts them in a job advert.

Get your employer brand right, include video and imagery in your job adverts and shout about your company culture. It can really turn a view, into an application, into a hire.

What do you expect to be the key message of this year’s In-house LIVE! Manchester?

Embrace rec tech. Looking at this year’s agenda, there’s a huge range of topics, from improving the recruitment experience for candidates, to predictive hiring – and the running theme will be: use technology to make recruitment faster, easier and more successful.

Why do you think it’s important for Manchester’s in-house recruitment community to attend this event?

The room will be full of experts, from a huge range of employers and recruiters, and also from job boards and service providers. But it’s more than just a get together, by sharing our learnings and experiences we can all improve the way we work, and ultimately, be better placed to fill roles quickly and efficiently in what otherwise is a challenging recruitment period.

What has been your proudest moment so far in your current role? Can you share any client success stories?

Having worked at totaljobs for 11 years, I really feel that we as a company have taken huge strides in the past 12 months. For me personally, this was clearest when my role in our success saw me recognised as Employee of the Year at the Mancoolian Awards, and also being invited on to BBC Breakfast as an industry expert to discuss problems facing employers and recruiters in the UK.

Raj spoke about ‘Finding the skills to boost productivity’ at In-house Recruitment LIVE! Manchester on 10 May 2018.

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