To Be A Great In-house Recruiter, Stop Recruiting


That doesn’t make sense does it? To be great stop doing what you are supposed to do. Hogwash. Move on, nothing here. Back to CV sifting, huh!

The thing is I reckon as an in-house Recruiter you’ll be a generalist rather than a specialist – maybe one or two of you at best. Yet to be a great resourcing team you need a lot of specialist skills and one person cannot be great at all of them. Often the bigger the company the more generalists I see as big departments e.g. property, IT, buying etc. have a single Resourcing Manager who of course is a generalist. And often end up just managing a load of agencies whilst trying to compete at the same time.


Peter GoldI see the same in sales where the new business people are also expected to account manage. They tend to be good at one and shit at the other. Never any different yet so many companies still try and amalgamate too many roles into one. I see it again in marketing where a team of one person is expected to do everything so they end up doing most things average at best.

So if you’re a generalist, stop recruiting. Define the skills needed and outsource everything. You be the owner of the brand experience for candidate and Line Manager but let the experts do the doing. At the end of the day you should be focused on bringing the best people into the business as quickly as you can. How you ‘personally’ do it should not matter. Results matter. Focus on strategy and execution and then get the right people at every level involved and owning their part of the process.

In case you are still shaking you head I’ll leave you with a few words from someone that knows:

“Never forget that hiring is the most important thing you do.

Lots of people know this, but then they delegate hiring to recruiters. Everyone — EVERYONE — should invest time in hiring.”

Erik Schmidt – Executive Chairman Google

Alternatively ignore all of the above and move on and get back to CV sifting.

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