Volume Recruitment: Balancing Quantity with Quality – A Round-Up

Volume recruitment must strike the right balance between efficiency and consistency. But with time being your biggest enemy, how can you successfully deliver talent at scale, without compromising on quality or candidate experience?

In this breakfast event, hosted in partnership with Adzuna, we explored how in-house recruitment teams can move away from unsustainable post and pray approaches and become more strategic when hiring in volume. Adzuna Co-founder Andrew Hunter shared some predictions for the future of recruitment, while Head of Sales Iain Wills showcased how we can take a more marketing-led approach to streamlining our processes.

We also heard live case studies from Blue Square and Balfour Beatty, both of which highlighted the importance of targeted attraction campaigns, aligned to our company values, as well as providing internal development opportunities to help our talent grow with the business. When hiring in volume, hire for behaviours and train on the job, we learned during the roundtable discussions.

Check out our post-event whitepaper below to learn more!

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Who Spoke

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Joe Howell,

Head of Talent

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Andrew Hunter,


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Joanna Chamberlain,

Senior Recruiter (High Volume)

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Iain Wills,

Head of Sales

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