WilsonHCG On The Evolution Of Their Social Media Recruitment Strategy


WilsonHCG have constructed a strong story across a sweep of social media channels. John Wilson, CEO and founder, divulges, ‘We take a continual improvement approach to social media: nothing is set in stone; everything is always evolving as we hone our skills and learn new practices. Social media is integrated into our strategies — it’s never an afterthought.’ Since optimizing their social media platforms with targeted outreach campaigns and keyword analytics, WilsonHCG have realised a  75 percent increase in website traffic due to organic and campaign-focused strategies – much of what can be attributed to strategic social media campaigns, outreach and promotion.

Having cultivated a social media strategy that tells the story of both clients and employees, as well as sharing content that allows engagement with the market, the firm’s approach was birthed out of the recognition that candidates are more educated than ever before, and that there is a need for strong and engaging content. Promoting a strong company brand is complemented by an ambassador programme that allows employees to write company blogs on topics that they are passionate about, which allows the marketing team to focus on channel development and business development. Through the use of social media, employees are encouraged to take WilsonHCG’s culture and brand into their own hands. The social media aggregator Tagboard allows WilsonHCG’s employees to share photos, updates and news from their perspective by using the branded company hashtag #WilsonHCGlife. This aided recruiting efforts, as candidates can easily search social media to see, from the employees’ perspective, and experience what it’s like to work at WilsonHCG. It also allows prospects an inside look at the company culture. Considered as one of the most important tools for communication, social media allows WilsonHCG to initiate and carry conversations with a varied audience.

Adam Gordon is founder of Social Media Search, a Norman Broadbent plc company, managing recruitment social media channels and talent pooling for some of the leading employers internationally.

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